M/S Das Optical & Watch Co. founded in the year 2008. Founded by Mr. Biswanath Das. And the Brand PASSNEW Watches formed in the year 2014.

Well trained staff and great looking boutiques ensure that we make shopping for watches an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. We value your watch as much as you do. A dedicated team and state of the art facilities in multiple cities ensures that your watch ticks for generations.

Luxury watch retail suffers from malpractices that you should be safeguarded against. PASSNEW is a professionally run business that deals only in officially imported watches, duly supported with customs documents.

We try to keep our margins low as we are the experts in Online marketing and Product sourcing, hence we are able to give you the best price and service that no other portal/business can give in the line of clocks in India. Our USP includes

Our original code values clarity over complexity and meticulous attention to detail on the dial, case, glass, and strap. And in those places where detail would add nothing we prefer to leave it out.

Whenever we get new stocks from brands, we don't open or display it. This makes it be new and fresh. Hence, when we ship to you, you get a brand new piece.

Brand PASSNEW targets Gen Y with affordable, hip and stylish timepieces. The brand reflects the Luxery Watches of today's youth and to celebrate the passion and spirit to achieve everything in their lives. It exudes an inimitable, irreverent attitude combined with an amazing sense of style. The brand includes collections like Fusion, Shield, Aviator & Stunt targeted at men and women.